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Gazelle Champion Mondial G Frame: a new project

Gazelle Champion Mondial G Frame: a new project

A fast tourer bike, a real bike, made of steel instead of aluminium. That was wat I was looking for. Gazelle’s top model was the Champion Mondial, made of Reynolds 531 tubing. Most of these bikes are classic road bikes but the, rather rare, G-type frame is a touring frame. Happily I could get my hands on one of those. It’s date of construction is 1976.


Gazelle Champion Mondial


Next weeks, or months, I will be building this lovely frame into a bike. I already increased the drop-out spacing from 120mm to 126mm using Sheldon Brown’s method. Some new-old-stock Shimano Exage 500 hubs (126mm) are underway and I will be building wheels around them (first time so fingers crossed). The plan is to use as much modern shimano parts as possible in order to make reparations and replacing parts easy. For now I will begin hunting down some 7 indexed speed bar end shifters.


16-8-2016: Update

The old frame had some rust stains. I wanted to make sure these stains did not obscure serious damage so I used sandpaper a lot. When the spray painter is done enjoying his vacation I will ask him to powder coat the frame in RAL 1013, creamy white. The wheels I will build up my self. I bought a second hand wheel stand last week and am waiting for the SunRinglé EQ21L rims to arrive. These are light, affordable, and wider than most other rims. When I am done measuring the rims I can buy spokes start building. I also got my hands on some bar end shifters: friction left and 7 speed indexed right. Super happy to have them for these barcons are rather rare!