A hike around Craig Y Pistyll

A hike around Craig Y Pistyll


I did not post much on my website the past months. The reason is I just moved to Wales, and this took more attention than anticipated (I did foresee it would take more time than anticipated, though). I now live close to Aberystwyth and this is a gorgeous area for cycling and hiking! The first hike I did took me around Craig Y Pistyll and can be reached from Bont Goch.

I planned this route like I always plan my routes; by using Basecamp mapping software. I found this technique not quite perfect for planning hikes and decided to plan my hikes with Ordnance Survey maps (you know, the paper ones), in the future. This way, I am better able to determine if the paths I follow are open to public.

DSCN1955 DSCN1959

Llyn Graigpistyll

Craig Y Pistyll

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