Trek 750 Multitrack
Trek 750 Multitrack

I have always had this idea, leaving home and cycling east. Just leaving everything behind and vanish. The vanishing part might not be very practical, for reasons of girlfriend and family, but cycling east and continue doing that for a half year is very possible. Heck, people have done crazier stuff on two wheels.

Plan is to start 13 March 2017 from my hometown Groningen in the north of the Netherlands, so I am in full swing preparation modus. This is my packing list, with weight in grams:

Eureka Moonshadow xp 1p tent 1500
13l roll bag by Ortlieb 218
Schwalbe Mondial outer tyre (47-622) 651

Frame bag and fuel tank:
Tube 160
crankbrothers m19 biketool 175
leatherman 211
smartphone 231
nikon point and shoot 1 222
patchset 192
zipties 20x 17
brakepads 8x 57
brake cable, gear cable, extra bolts 137
crankextracter 116
freewheel tool 50
bb tool 53
missing link 2x 5
electric tape 10
budha 11
backup shifter 47
lube 56
pocket knife 97
msr whisperlite plus windscreen 416
pan holder 49
titanium spork 21
careplus waterfilter 72 (broke down because of a deffective squeeze bag)
bbb lock 58
eneloop aa batteries 8x 265
panasonic cc17 charger 106
chlorine drops 41
xtorm powerbank 131
nikon point and shoot 2 151
petzl headlight 75
phone and camera chargers and cables 179
6 back up spokes 45
sanitair 300
ehbo 200
docs 300
msr repair kit 37
lock alarm mini 100
kobo ebook 180
fire steel 30
frame bag 225

ortlieb drybag big 385
toiletpaper 50
light buff 37
wool hat 44
warm buff 73
patagonia torrentshell 330
rainpants 239
towel 73
pumpsack 52
thermarest neo xtherm (lasted a month and was replaced with a thermarest trail lite) 574
downjacket 345
sleepingbag liner 201
sleeping bag 790
icebreaker ls shirt 227
icebreaker ls shirt 184
thermopants 171
underwear 4x 266
socks 2x 150
pot and lid 319
waterpouch 3x 1l 71
cup 57
food net on the rear 135
Ortlieb waterbag 4l


full msr fuel bottle 773
Garmin 157
luggage straps 4x 122

zip pants 293
icebreaker ls shirt 227
cyclig pants 144
belt 77
cycling jersey 155
Salomon XA Pro 880

total weight: 14.798 kg

With this set-up and packing list I am very happy. Just under 15 kilogram if I were to sit naked on my bike! Very pleased with that. What is more, I have fitted everything in roll bags and do not need panniers, this will improve my aerodynamics considerably!

Trek 750 Multitrack
Trek 750 Multitrack





The Bike:

Trek Multitrack Trekking 750

Wheels: Ryde Sputnik rims, DT Swiss Alpine iii spokes, Shimano LX hubs. 32 spokes front, 36 rear.

Tyres: Schwalbe mondial 47-622 rear, 42-622 front

Square taper bottom bracket with sugino cranks (24-34-44 tooths)

Front rack: Racktime Top-it

Rear rack: Tubus Cargo

Shifter: Shimano dura ace barends mounted on sturmey archer pods on the handle bar.

Shimano alivio front and rear derailleur


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